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Thursday, March 20, 2014


This is a continuation of the post LOS & HIS SPECTRE. 
The next part of the interaction between Los and his Spectre has Los's indignant reply. The Spectre had claimed that Los has no permanence and depends on "being Created Continually by Mercy & Love divine." Los however will not concede to "Reason's power"; he knows the has access to the world of spirit where things have "real substance" and are not elusive "shadows." Los refuses the shadowy world of the reasoning Spectre for the substantial world of imagination.

Los could return to completeness if his Emanation as well as his Spectre would join him. Los would moderate his insistent assertiveness if his gentler, supportive aspect would return. Los and Enitharmon are two aspects of one totality. When they are united the Spectre is absorbed into the unified man as well.

British Museum
Book of Urizen
Plate 19, Copy D

Enitharmon was reticent because there was history between herself and Los. The birth of the first son of Los and Enitharmon, who was named Orc, led to a hostile, jealous reaction from his father. When the boy reached puberty his parents took him to a mountaintop and left him chained. Although the parents relented and went back to release him, his chains had enrooted in rock. Enitharmon's heart was broken and she took revenge against men.

To cool the temper of Enitharmon, the Spector of Urthona stepped in because he could see an opening to the Center. The Specter of Urthona gave Los the task of destroying the body he had created, but like releasing Orc from his chains it was not an easily or quickly accomplished task. I am reminded of the tasks Psyche was assigned to gain release from the control of Venus, and the help she received from unexpected sources.
Los set to work preparing the environment in which a changed order could develop. By beginning to build Golgonooza, a city in which art and imagination could thrive, be began reshaping his own psyche and creating conditions which would reassure Enitharmon of his intentions.

Four Zoas, Night VII, Page 86, (E 368) 
"Los furious answerd. Spectre horrible thy words astound my Ear
With irresistible conviction I feel I am not one of those 
Who when convincd can still persist. tho furious.controllable
By Reasons power. Even I already feel a World within
Opening its gates & in it all the real substances
Of which these in the outward World are shadows which pass away
Come then into my Bosom & in thy shadowy arms bring with thee   
My lovely Enitharmon. I will quell my fury & teach
Peace to the Soul of dark revenge & repentance to Cruelty

So spoke Los & Embracing Enitharmon & the Spectre
Clouds would have folded round in Extacy & Love uniting
Page 87 
But Enitharmon trembling fled & hid beneath Urizens tree
But mingling together with his Spectre the Spectre of Urthona 
Wondering beheld the Center opend by Divine Mercy inspired    
He in his turn Gave Tasks to Los Enormous to destroy       
That body he created but in vain for Los performd Wonders of labour 
They Builded Golgonooza Los labouring builded pillars high 
And Domes terrific in the nether heavens for beneath
Was opend new heavens & a new Earth beneath & within
Threefold within the brain within the heart within the loins
A Threefold Atmosphere Sublime continuous from Urthonas world  
But yet having a Limit Twofold named Satan & Adam" 

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