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Thursday, August 14, 2014


University of Toronto Library
The publishing history of Blake's illustrations to Robert Blair's The Grave does not end with Cromek's publication on his edition with 12 of Blake's illustrations engraved by Schiavonetti. Cromek promoted the book aggressively and marketed 589 copies to subscribers. Cromek, however, did not long reap the fruits of his labors because he died of tuberculosis in 1812. Cromek had released publication rights to another publisher, Ackerman, who was developing a market in South America. Using Blake's designs, "Meditaciones Poeticas" written by Jose Joaquin de Mora was published by Ackerman in 1826 and printed in Mexico.

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Gates of Paradise, (E 269)
"But when once I did descry 
The Immortal Man that cannot Die
Thro evening shades I haste away 
To close the Labours of my Day"

Poetical Sketches, (E 441)
                         COUCH OF DEATH.
 "The traveller that hath taken shelter under an oak, eyes
the distant country with joy!  Such smiles were seen upon the
face of the youth! a visionary hand wiped away his tears, and a
ray of light beamed around his head!  All was still.  The moon
hung not out her lamp, and the stars faintly glimmered in the
summer sky; the breath of night slept among the leaves of the
forest; the bosom of the lofty hill drank in the silent dew,
while on his majestic brow the voice of Angels is heard, and
stringed sounds ride upon the wings of night.  The sorrowful pair
lift up their heads, hovering Angels are around them, voices of
comfort are heard over the Couch of Death, and the youth breathes
out his soul with joy into eternity."

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