Blake seeks to provide the Golden String which can lead us through the labyrinth of our experience or his own poetry.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Blake teaches that the human is Fourfold incorporating reason, emotions, body and imagination. The Sexual world of Generation is Threefold. The head, heart and loins are functioning but the imagination is dormant. Without the imagination the other aspects engage in selfish strife among the three.  

British Museum
  Copy A, Plate 92
Blake's myth treats the fall from an original state of unity in Eden through the consequences of division which are many and devastating. Tharmas, the body, struggles in the flood of materiality to avoid losing his grasp on existence. Urizen, the reason, follows mistaken pursuits attempting to go it alone as the solitary arbitrator. Luvah, the emotions, is split between his powerful emanation Vala, and his revolutionary force, Orc. Urthona, the imagination, delegates his role to his materialized form, Los, who continually attempts to eliminate the errors which plague the divided man. Until the four work out their differences, see the value in the other, and relinquish aspirations of autonomy, they are condemned to a cycle of failure.

Although being fully human means being unified, achieving unity is facilitated through becoming conscious to the four forces which are active in the mind and in the outer world in which we live. An individual may unconsciously express in his behavior any of the four forces. Gaining an understanding of the dynamics of the interchanges of the four can enable the individual to quell the dissensions within and the conflicts encountered outwardly.

The image from near the end of Jerusalem when unity is being restored, shows the heads of four men emerging from the ground as if released to assume their proper places in the in the psyche of Albion.

 Milton, Plate 4, (E 97)
"Beneath the Plow of Rintrah & the harrow of the Almighty
In the hands of Palamabron. Where the Starry Mills of Satan
Are built beneath the Earth & Waters of the Mundane Shell
Here the Three Classes of Men take their Sexual texture Woven
The Sexual is Threefold: the Human is Fourfold"              

Jerusalem, Plate 12, (E 155)
"Go on, builders in hope: tho Jerusalem wanders far away,
Without the gate of Los: among the dark Satanic wheels.

Fourfold the Sons of Los in their divisions: and fourfold,       
The great City of Golgonooza: fourfold toward the north
And toward the south fourfold, & fourfold toward the east & west
Each within other toward the four points: that toward
Eden, and that toward the World of Generation,
And that toward Beulah, and that toward Ulro:                    
Ulro is the space of the terrible starry wheels of Albions sons:
But that toward Eden is walled up, till time of renovation:
Yet it is perfect in its building, ornaments & perfection."

Jerusalem, Plate 98, (E 258)
"The Sons & Daughters of Albion on soft clouds Waking from Sleep
Soon all around remote the Heavens burnt with flaming fires    
And Urizen & Luvah & Tharmas & Urthona arose into
Albions Bosom: Then Albion stood before Jesus in the Clouds
Of Heaven Fourfold among the Visions of God in Eternity"

Letters, To Thomas Butts, (E 722)
     "Now I a fourfold vision see
     And a fourfold vision is given to me
     Tis fourfold in my supreme delight
     And three fold in soft Beulahs night
     And twofold Always.  May God us keep
     From Single vision & Newtons sleep"

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