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Saturday, November 14, 2015


British Library
Four Zoas Manuscript
Page 130
Four Zoas, Night IX, PAGE 130, (E 398)
"And She [Vala] rose out of the river & girded on her golden girdle

And now her feet step on the grassy bosom of the ground
Among her flocks & she turnd her eyes toward her pleasant house
And saw in the door way beneath the trees two little children playing
She drew near to her house & her flocks followd her footsteps 
The Children clung around her knees she embracd them & wept over them

Thou little Boy art Tharmas & thou bright Girl Enion
How are ye thus renewd & brought into the Gardens of Vala

She embracd them in tears. till the sun descended the western hills
And then she enterd her bright house leading her mighty children 
And when night came the flocks laid round the house beneath the trees
She laid the Children on the beds which she saw prepard in the house
Then last herself laid down & closd her Eyelids in soft slumbers

And in the morning when the Sun arose in the crystal sky
Vala awoke & calld the children from their gentle slumbers 

Awake O Enion awake & let thine innocent Eyes
Enlighten all the Crystal house of Vala awake awake
Awake Tharmas awake awake thou child of dewy tears
Open the orbs of thy blue eyes & smile upon my gardens

The Children woke & smild on Vala. she kneeld by the golden couch
She presd them to her bosom & her pearly tears dropd down
O my sweet Children   Enion let Tharmas kiss thy Cheek
Why dost thou turn thyself away from his sweet watry eyes
Tharmas henceforth in Valas bosom thou shalt find sweet peace
O bless the lovely eyes of Tharmas & the Eyes of Enion 

They rose they went out wandring sometimes together sometimes alone

Why weepest thou Tharmas Child of tears in the bright house of joy
Doth Enion avoid the sight of thy blue heavenly Eyes
And dost thou wander with my lambs & wet their innocent faces 
With thy bright tears because the steps of Enion are in the gardens 
Arise sweet boy & let us follow the path of Enion

So saying they went down into the garden among the fruits
And Enion sang among the flowers that grew among the trees
And Vala said Go Tharmas weep not Go to Enion"

After Vala had experienced her own epiphany and 'girded on her golden girdle' she became capable of seeing others who were in need of her help.  

On page 32 of A Blake Dictionary, Damon comments on the Gardens of Vala: "Vala's Garden is the realm of daydreaming, where our hopes and fears are fugitive shapes. Being part subconscious, it is entered through 'the Gates of Dark Urthona.'  

Tharmas whom we had first met as the 'parent power' indicating that he was the primitive force which was the foundation of the psyche, now appeared with Enion as a 'little boy.' Vala provided a house, a garden and a bed for the two 'mighty children', but Enion continued to turn away from Tharmas. When Vala and Tharmas together followed the path of Enion, Tharmas gained the courage to wipe away his tears and approach Enion.    

Vala had led the children away from the tensions in their conscious states into the subconscious where they rightly live. Sexuality is an expression of the body which rightly practiced nourishes the spirit. In Blake's system instinctual behavior originates in Tharmas who, like the id, is the source of life's energies. In Vala's garden Tharmas could lay down his insistent demand that Enion forgive and forget, and Enion could ignore the unpleasant consequences which troubled her restless mind.  

The healing of the psyche was being passed from one faculty to another:  

Enitharmon to Los (  

Los to Urizen (  

Urizen to Ahania (  

Ahania to Vala (  

Vala to Tharmas (  

Tharmas to Enion. 


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